Homdum 520W Router/Trimmer machine with 12 pcs Multi Shapes Router Bit Set
Homdum Trimmer router machine tool
Homdum wood trimmer machine
Homdum small hand router machine
Homdum  Trimmer machine and 12 Pcs Multi Shapes Router Bit Set Combo
Homdum wood working machine
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    Homdum 520W Router/Trimmer machine and 12 Pcs Multi Shapes Router Bit Set Combo, Speed 30000r/min, Multi Shapes Tungsten Carbide Tipped WoodWorking tool Shank size 6mm.

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    Very powerful, multi-function, high precision, Can clearly observe the processing conditions, Trimmer applicable under normal ambient conditions, equipped with the knob, Transparent Cover to Control the Flying Sawdust.
    It is widely used in wood processing, furniture manufacturing and other industries.Cutter for wood, plastic sheeting, wood veneer and other similar materials chamfering,grooving, surface finishing, curve cutting, planing wood edges, pattern processing operations activities.
    Universal 1/4" shank,can be used in any router that has a 6.35mm quarter 1/4" carbide shank router bits, sealed bearings for smooth rotation and accurate cuts.High-grade tungsten carbide blades- TCT Cutters can be re-sharpened,sealed bearings for smooth rotation and accurate cuts. With antioxidant coating on the blade head, these bits are durable, and have a long service life.
    Easy to identify and organize. Starter router bit set is labeled with the bit type along with a coordinating image enclosed in a wooden case, so it's easy for you to pick the one you need. With the storage box, it's convenient to carry these tools anywhere.
    Suitable for chipboard, MDF board hardwood & softwood; can be used on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.
    Item Weight : 2 kg 620 g
    Material: 45 # carbon steel, YG8 alloy
    Color of bit: Red
    Packing: wooden box
    Shank Diameter: 6.35mm / 1/4"
    Package content:
    1x Straight Bit 6mm(1/4")
    1x Straight Bit12mm (1/2")
    1x Straight Bit 16mm (5/8")
    1x 90° "V" Grooving Bit12.7mm (1/2")
    1x Doverail Bit: 12.7mm 1/2")
    1x 45° Chamfer Bit: 32mm(1-1/4")
    1x Bearing Flush Trim Bit: 12.7mm (1/2")
    1x Round Beading Over Bit R6.3mm (1/4")
    1x Round Beading Over Bit R9.5mm (3/8")
    1x Core Box Bit: R6.3mm (1/4")
    1x Rounding Cove Bit: R6.3mm (1/4")
    1x Roman Ogee Bit: R4mm(5/32")

    Product description
    Trimmer Machine Specifications:
    Speed: 30000r/min
    Diameter shank: 6mm
    Power: 520W
    Cable Length: about 1000mm
    Item Weight: 1950g / 4.5lb
    Package Weight: 2200 g / 5.0lb
    Package Size: 250 * 230 * 80mm Package List:
    1 * Trimmer
    1 * Manual
    1 * One Set Of Accessories
    12 pc Router Bit Product description:
    12PCS 1/4" carbon carbide shank router bits with wooden case. It is the best woodwroking helper for carpenters and hobbyists.