Homdum 250mm INGCO table saw 1500W

    Homdum 250mm INGCO table saw 1500W inch portable circular bench-type saw with 10” inch wood cutting saw blade Speed 4500 RPM 45° Bevel Cut benchtop woodworking station

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    The bench-type circular saw is a powerful helper with a rating up to 1500 W with which keen DIY enthusiasts can perform work on solid wood, wood fiberboard and similar materials.***The bench-type circular saw has a carbide-tipped precision saw blade, the height and angle of which can be easily adjusted with just a single hand maneuver using the 2-in-1 blade adjustment facility.***The upgraded, extremely sturdy parallel stop makes light work of precise longitudinal cuts, and for angle cuts the angle stop and the tilting saw blade can be used.***The sturdy side tables enable the support surface to be made even larger: There are width extensions to the left and right for wider workpieces. The sturdy base frame provides a comfortable working height of 850 mm.***The quick clamp RIP fence ensures secure cutting performance each and every time. The extra sturdy base frame creates a more comfortable working height and a stable position on all surfaces***The Table saw is a powerful device with which enables ambitious DIY enthusiasts to work with solid wood, fiberboard and many other similar materials. It is supplied with a carbide-tipped precision saw blade, the height and angle of which can be adjusted by one hand easilly using the 2in1 saw blade adjustment. The improved parallel guide makes it easy to realize perfect longitudinal cuts, while the cross stop and the tiltable saw blade are perfect for mitre cuts. The table extensions enlarge the surface additionally. The dust extraction at the housing and at the saw blade cover help for cleaning the air. For all included tools, guides, the push stick and the cable are appliances for the stowage. Features:
    1500W Brush Motor
    Dust Extraction Facility
    Max. Cut Depth: 85mm
    Steel Table Saw with two extension tables