Homdum 710W Jigsaw Machine with Blades
Homdum 710W Jigsaw Machine
Homdum table jigsaw machine
Homdum Buy Jigsaw Machine at Best Price
Homdum 10 pc Heavy Duty Jigsaw Blades Set Combo
Homdum 10 Pcs Jigsaw Blades Set
Homdum 10 pc Heavy Duty Jigsaw Blades Set

    Homdum 710W Jigsaw Machine And 10 pc Heavy Duty Jigsaw Blades Set Combo, 5 stage variable speed, 70mm cutting blade (easy click installation) with 3 level pendulum settings.

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    SPECIFICATIONS AND CONTENTS: Total length: approx. 100mm/3.94" Working length: approx. 74mm/2.91",all superior quality jigsaw blades (10pcs); T144D : 1 NOS, T244D : 1 NOS, T101B : 1 NOS, T101D : 1 NOS, T101BR : 1 NOS, T111C : 1 NOS, T127D : 1 NOS, T119BO : 1 NOS,T118A : 1 NOS, T101AO : 1 NOS.
    Package Dimensions : 26.2 x 23.2 x 8.2 cm; 2.27 Kilograms

    Product description
    Product Description
    The compact design houses a powerful 710 Watt motor that gives you the ability to tackle a variety of tasks and makes light work of completing straight, curved or tilted precision cuts. Need to create an angled cut? Simply set the blade at the angle required and let the jigsaw do the rest. It’s certainly no lightweight when it comes to performance and is suitable for experienced DIYers as well as professionals. With the correct blades, this jigsaw can cut through a 70mm wooden beam – power at your fingertips!
    Homdum has a fantastic range of essential tools for all your DIY requirements. Great value prices are coupled with a very compelling quality.
    Box Contains
    1x Jigsaw
    10x Jigsaw Blades