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Homdum Multiangle Magnetic Welding Holder with 12kg Strong Magnet Pull

    Homdum 5inch Multiangle Magnetic Welding Holder Clamps Arrow Type Square with 12kg Strong Magnet Pull for Accurate Alignment in Fabrication Works Pack of 4 Pc

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    Magnetic squares for welding which leave both hands free; magnetic welding holder for welding, soldering, assembly, marking, spreading, etc.
    Sturdy and compact arrow design fixes your workpiece in a 45-degree, 90-degree or 135-degree angle – maximum application temperature: 140 °C
    Strong and versatile: welders magnet with 11.3 kg (25 lbs) holding force – for flat, round and square-cut components
    Delivery includes: welding magnet set / welding clamp set 2 pieces (dimensions 120 x 83 x 14.3mm, unit weight 300 g, colour red)
    Easy, precise application and positioning by means of 3 set angular measures and an additional drill hole in the magnetic welding holder
    Package Dimensions : 40.1 x 17.8 x 7.9 cm; 4.23 Kilograms

    Product description
    Size name:5 inch
    Precise holding in 3 angles
    With the homdum magnetic square tool magnet, you can weld, solder and assemble components easily and without any help: You can fully concentrate on your work because the magnet welding holders leave both hands free, are easy to set up and position and can be used for 45°, 90° and 135° angles.
    With a maximum operating temperature of 140 °C, the welding magnets are also very heat resistant. This makes them the ideal helping hand in assembly and welding in particular and in the processing of ferrous metals in general.
    High magnetic holding power & handy hole
    homdum magnetic welder holders come in an arrow shape and are available as a 1-piece, 2-piece and a 4-piece set and in different sizes of 3inch 4inch 5inch as per ypur requirement. You can vary the size of the welding magnet in accordance with the size and weight of your workpiece: the bigger the arrow magnet, the higher its magnetic holding power. This set also features magnets with holes: Each of the magnets for welding also has a drilling hole which facilitates handling and offers additional support in adjusting and fixing the workpieces