Homdum Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Homdum Hydraulic Pipe Bender manual
Homdum Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Homdum Hydraulic Pipe Bender Pipe Dia 20-60 mm
pipe bender manual Pipe Dia 20-60 mm
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    Homdum Hydraulic Pipe Bender with 6 pcs Bending Formers suitable for Pipe Dia 20-60 mm Wall Thickness 2.75 - 4.5 mm Mechanical Manual 10-ton Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine

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    • Hydraulic Pipe Tube Bender: Mainly used for pipe plastic forming, pipe bending machine without heating sand filling process.
    • Pipe Tube Bender: Curved arc smooth, clear, small deformation. Well packed in a heavy-duty wood box for better protection and easy storage
    • Pipe Bender: Easy to use and carry, Made of high-quality carbon steel, heavy quality manual pipe bender for pipe bending
    • Hydraulic Tube Bender: Suitable for factories and mines, rural areas, chemical industry, refrigeration, construction, electrical lines, pipe installation
    • Hydraulic Tube Bender: The moulds are made of ductile iron, which has higher strength, better toughness and plasticity than ordinary grey cast iron.