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Homdum Ingco PVC Dotted Gloves – Hand Cotton Knited Gloves
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Homdum Ingco PVC Dotted Gloves Multi-Purpose Gloves

    Ingco PVC Dotted Gloves – Hand Cotton Knitted Gloves – Super Grip Gloves - Anti-Slip – Multi-Purpose Gloves- Set of 5 Pairs.

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    PVC DOTTED GLOVES– The hand knit, PVC dotted gloves are made for heavy lifting, garden work, handling glass and steel as well as kitchen chores.
    PUNCTURE RESISTANT- The gloves resist punctures and tears during work to protect the hands from cuts, splinters and sores.
    COTTON FIBER- The gloves are made of 100% pure cotton. It is breathable and allows maximum absorption of moisture keeping the hands cool.
    PVC DOTS – The PVC dots ensure a super, anti-slip grip that allows efficient work under different weather conditions and handling different materials safely.
    HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIAL- The material of the gloves is hypoallergenic as it allows maximum ventilation and resists bacterial and fungal growth induced by sweat.

    Color Yellow
    Product Dimensions 24 x 14 x 7 cm; 320 Grams
    Shipping Weight 0.32 Kilograms

    Product description
    If you are a handy man you must be aware of the constant hazards your hands are in. No normal gloves can provide you the protection our hand knit, PVC dotted gloves can.

    Safety Guaranteed:
    Our gloves provide you safety that no other product can. Unlike plastic gloves, our gloves are made of cotton to prevent profuse sweating of the hands. The increased absorption level of the material provides your hands a non-slip, powerful grip on the material you are handling. Your hands will never be bruised, cut, splintered or have cold sores because of the breathable, puncture resistant PVC material of the gloves.

    Multipurpose gloves:
    Be it gardening, kitchen cleaning, wood craft, handling glass or steel; our gloves have got your back at all times. Be it domestic or industrial work, with our gloves sky is the limit!