Homdum M266 Digital Clamp Meter

    Homdum M266 Digital Clamp Meter

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    • LCD display, clear screen.
    • It can measure parameters such as AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, resistance, insulation resistance, on-off buzzer, etc. It has the functions of data retention, low voltage indication, full-scale overload protection, etc. It is the preferred tool for electrician measurement.
    • Compact size fits perfectly in your hand and into tight places
    • Ergonomic and comfortable

    The Homdum M266 Digital Clamp Meter  is a versatile and invaluable tool for electricians, technicians, professionals and alike. It's small in size and can be easily  used with one hand. You can use it to measure AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, continuity and even diode test. This true RMS clamp meter has inrush current measurement, which is designed to capture inrush current accurately and , most importantly synchronously and provide readings that accurately depict what the circuit protector experiences. 

    Item Model Number HCLAMP-METER-M266-M
    Item Part Number HCLAMP-METER-M266-M
    Primary material Others
    Capacity Standard
    Manufacturer Homdum®