Homdum 16 Inch 600w Electric Chain Saw
Homdum 600W electric chain saw
Homdum electric chain saw
Homdum Low Vibration  16 Inch 600w Electric Chain Saw
Homdum 600w Electric Chain Saw
Homdum Easy to Operate electric Chainsaw
Homdum copper motor Electric Chain Saw

    Homdum Chainsaw - 16 Inch 600w Electric Chain Saw - 480m/min copper motor - Durable - Low Vibration - Easy to Operate - Adjustable Chain

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    Premium Quality and Durable:This heavy-duty electric wood cutting machine is made from heavy-duty materials by our professional experts so that it could provide you with long-term facilitation.
    Ergonomic Design:The ergonomic design of the chainsaw is crafted specially to reduce the impact on your hands and to give you more comfortable working experience. The well-balanced chain saw cutter ensures higher efficiency and comfort with reduced vibration and stress on your shoulder.
    Adjustable: This chainsaw is convenient in use due to adjustable chain adjustment.
    Power and Capacity: This woodcutting machine has a 16-inch chain saw with a power of 600W, with an outcome of 480m/min and weighs 5 kg.
    Easy to Use and Maintain:The tough durable chainsaw machine is very easy to use and maintain. Just follow the instructions and have a smooth and facilitative experience like you never had before.

    Product description
    Looking for some easy to operate and a highly efficient chainsaw, Homdum Chainsaw is perfect for you. Convenient Alternative: Our chainsaw combines mobility and power to give a quicker and smoother experience compared to other chainsaws.