Homdum Camping Axe 600g
Homdum Rubberized Grip Camping Axe 600g
Homdum Heavy Duty Camping Axe 600g
Homdum Camping Axe 600g Heavy Duty
Homdum Axe 600g
Homdum 600g camping axe
Homdum Ingco Camping Axe
Homdum Axe for Gardening Wood Cutting & Splitting

    Ingco Camping Axe 600g Heavy Duty Forged Steel Head with 380 mm Fiberglass Rubberized Grip Handle for Perfect Strike Hatchet Hand Axe for Gardening Wood Cutting & Splitting.

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    * Very sharp blade in hardened steel with coating, Ideal balance between head and handle for maximum swing power
    * Durable handle made of weather-resistant and impact-resistant fibreglass reinforced plastic, Handle moulded directly onto the tool head for greater safety, Firm and comfortable grip thanks to innovative handle with textured non-slip coating and handle end with flared guard for optimal finger protection
    * Long life product, Easy blade sharpening 

    Product Dimensions : 35 x 15 x 5 cm; 960 Grams
    Product description
    Axe With Protective Sheath Perfect For Splitting Chopping Wood Logs