Homdum 780W Concrete Vibrator Machine
Homdum electric  Concrete Vibrator Machine
Homdum Vibrator Machine
Homdum Concrete Vibrator 35 mm X 1.5 mm
Homdum Concrete Vibrator with Vibratory Needle Shaft
Homdum Electrical Concrete Vibrator
Homdum Concrete Vibrator Machine
Homdum Vibratory Needle Shaft

    Homdum Concrete Vibrator Machine Electrical MAF 780w 4000 RPM with Vibratory Needle Shaft Easy to Operate and Portable (35 mm X 1.5 mm, Yellow)

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    Product description
    Remove air bubbles in setting concrete
    Gas bubbles and flaws weaken concrete. The Homdum Concrete Vibrator removes air bubbles and settles concrete quickly and effectively. It's designed to be used in freshly poured concrete, such as slabs, footings, small columns and masonry blocks. The powerful vibrations from this compact machine force air bubbles out of the concrete, settling it as you watch.

    Easy to use, lightweight and manoeuvrable
    Ergonomically designed, this Nordstrand product is suitable for all day use. The concrete vibrator can be used vertically, horizontally or at an angle. The 1.5m shaft and rotatable base make it easy to reach the required areas without excessive bending or stooping. The system features a lock-on button, making extended use simple and comfortable.

    Low-noise, compact and portable
    A compact design and low weight make the Homdum Concrete Vibrator easy to hold and handle throughout a working day. It operates with minimal noise, so you won't need ear protection during use. A convenient carrying handle, reliable motor and steel reinforced shaft make this product one that will last and last as you take it from job to job. Its small size and powerful motor make it an excellent choice for both home and industrial use.

    Technical information
    The Homdum Concrete Vibrator is a hand held electric concrete vibrator, designed for removing air bubbles from freshly placed concrete. It's available in 780W motor has an aluminium base. It features a reliable and sturdy motor with up to a 25 minute run time under load.
    Quickly and efficiently remove air bubbles with the 780w, concrete vibrator.
    Have total flexibility with where you work as the concrete vibrator is portable and easy to operate.
    Has a rotating shaft base which prevents any excess bending and helps to produce extra smooth concrete.
    The Lock-On button feature provides comfort for extended use.
    The 4000 rpm producing machine comes with a 35mm thick and 1.5 mtr long needle shaft.
    Package Dimensions : 30 x 25 x 25 cm; 5.62 Kilograms