Homdum 18inch Professional double hand cable cutter Hanbon
Homdum 18inch   heavy duty stripping tool with Drop-forged Blades
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    Homdum 18inch Professional double hand cable cutter Hanbon cable wire insulation stripper heavy duty stripping tool with Drop-forged Blades Used for Cutting Copper and Aluminum Cable size 450mm

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    HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The gripping jaws of the wire cutter have a durable construction of high carbon drop forged steel and high leverage, comfortable dipped grip safe handles, which reduce hand fatigue and eases use.***IDEALLY SIZED JAWS: heavy duty coaxial cable cutter has purposely been designed to perform accurate and safe cutting. The cable cutter jaws have the perfect shape to carry out price wire cutting.***HARDENED CUTTING EDGES: Sharp jaws are perfect for cutting and stripping cables of various materials such as copper, aluminum. Hardened cutting edges make it more durable and easy to cut.***APPLICATION: They are designed to enable easy cutting of cables including cutting copper and tin coated copper and aluminum cables. Electronics Cable Cutting Pliers are capable of easily shearing soft aluminum, soft copper, coaxial cable and communications cable.***GREAT ASSET: The cutters easily grip and shear cable and can be operated with a single hand/double hand while the long, ergonomic handles give you enhanced leverage for cleaner cuts. Offer extended reach, and the low profile design is perfect for any number of applications in hard to reach or confined areas.***The cable cutter is manufactured from drop forged carbon steel with induction hardened cutting edges for durability. It has two cutting positions for cutting and stripping. Manufactured with razor-sharp cutting edges, this cable cutter has been designed specifically for cutting and stripping aluminium, copper and plastic sheathed cables.