Homdum Aluminum 4.8” Lifting Suction Cup Hanbon Plate Single/One Handle
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    Homdum Aluminum 4.8” Lifting Suction Cup Hanbon Plate Single/One Handle Locking (1 claw) Sucker Flat Gripper for Lifting Mirror/Tiles/Granite slab, Heavy Duty Glass Lifter/car Dent Puller.

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    Big Pulling Power: 4.8" diameter heavy duty rubber suction cup, maximum horizontal suction is 130lb and the maximum vertical suction is 110lb. Constructed with a quick release handle with a spring loaded locking handle, easy to re-position.
    Lift and Move Heavy Objects Easier and Safer: This handy suction cup lifter can firmly stick to any clean non-porous flat surface, an ideal tool for lifting and moving glass, sheet metal, granite, furniture, home appliances and so on. Save handling time and labor.
    High performance: The durable shell has higher hardness and longer service life, not easy to break and deform. The seal is made with odorless, extra strength rubber for a strong and ergonomic grip, the soft rubber pad is gentle on surfaces and won’t scratch the paint
    Premium Quality with Excellent Customer Service: It can stick to just about anything that has a smooth surface where suction can be created, such as car’s body panels, window panes and sheet metal.
    DIY Dent Repair Tool: This vacuum suction cup allows you to remove dings and small dents on certain areas of your vehicle. Please make sure that the dent are in the flat surface and should be larger than the suction pad.
    Package Dimensions : 13.6 x 12.7 x 12.4 cm; 510 Grams

    Product description
    Make lifting easier and less awkward! Attach this suction handle to glass, laminate, cabinets, countertops and other smooth, clean, non-porous surfaces to position a handle where you need it. Two flip-down tabs tighten the suction cups to the surface and lock in place. Handle is rated to hold up to 220 lbs. Bar-style handle is useful for vertical and horizontal applications. Caution: will not work on wood grain surfaces. Additional Information: Always test to make sure good suction is achieved before lifting. In extreme cold, the rubber suction cups will need to be warmed to function properly.