Homdum  Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter
Homdum glass cutter pen
Homdum glass cutter tool
Homdum glass cutter machine
Homdum glass cutter pen with diamond tip
Homdum glass cutter pen
Homdum Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter
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Homdum Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter

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A must tool for every glazier, glass shop, and where glass is being handled.
Optimised tooth /notch enables easy snapping of glass along the score.
Ideal for cutting glass up to 10 mm thickness.
Material: Diamond & Plastic ; Color: Silver & Yellow ; Robust design ; Non corrosive.
Package includes: 1 x Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter.

Product description
We are offering dominion acrylic handle glass cutter. An unbreakable real gold plated cutter. Affixed within it's deluxe quality diamond known for smooth and long lasting quality. A well known general product used in the field of glass cutting which is made up of high Quality natural crystal diamonds with handle of unbreakable high plastic material.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester