Homdum 5inchh cleaning sponge
Homdum wave Sponge

    Homdum 5 inches Diameter Round Single Side Polish

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    Product name: car polishing pad
    Material: sponge
    Dimension: 3 x 12.6cm / 1.2" x 5" (h*d)
    Colour : Orange
    Package Contains: 2 x (5 inches Dia Round Single Side Polishing Sponge Pad)

    Product description
    With the polishing liquid (paste, powder) used in conjunction with the surface to be polished to achieve better polishing effect. Can be used on anything that needs polishing, clean and improve their lightness, like cars, glass, stone, ceramic etc. Polishing before the procedure can handle the traces. Regular waxing and polishing set up a protective barrier against hostile attacks so as to protect the furniture and vehicle. Can be washed, re-use, to reduce cost, economical. Note: sponge easy to damage when near fire, please away from high temperature flame. Sponge could be washed, natural dry after cleaning. Do not bleach. Please dont close to fire or use sharp cutting tool. No long exposure in the sun!package includes: 2 x car polishing pad