Homdum MAF Angle Grinder 4
Homdum MAF Angle Grinder 4
Homdum MAF Angle Grinder 4
Homdum MAF Angle Grinder 4
Homdum MAF Angle Grinder
Homdum MAF Angle Grinder 4
Homdum Grinder Stand
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    Homdum MAF Angle Grinder 4"/100 mm with Grinder Stand, with and Complete 9 Pieces of Metal, Wood, Concrete, Cutting and Grinding Wheels.

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    Mini Cut off machine is An Ideal combo with an Angle grinder, Grinder stand and blades which is very useful to use a mini cut-off saw, bench grinder etc. for home and professional use.
    Contents: 1 x 4" angle grinder, 1 x Angle Grinder Stand, 5 x 4" cut off wheels, 1 x 4" grinding wheel, 1 x 4" wood cutting wheel, 1 x " concrete cutting wheel, 1 x 4" molding wheel.
    For cutting metal wood & concrete, Solid construction with cast aluminum body, and a metal base for sturdy working.
    Solid construction, integrated clamp, protective cover designed to protect the user's safety.
    Adjustable front and back distances, suitable for use of multi rule angle grinder, Portable design & Easy to assemble

    Product description
    Angle Grinder with Support Stand Table Bench Vise, along comes the multiple blades for wood, metal and concrete cutting. This cool grinder combo effectively works as your mini metal-cutting cut-off machine. No modifications are needed - simply clamp your angle grinder with the stand's brackets and attach it to the stand where the grinder's side handle would usually go, and you'll be cutting steel tubing and rebar with great ease. Once you've secured your work piece with the stand's built-in clamp, you can cut at any angle between 45 and 90 degrees. The spring-loaded makes the action feel just like a regular cut-off machine. This stand can also accommodate virtually any115/125mm angle grinder. The base has bolt mounting holes to enable the stand to be bolted to any bench or any surface to ensure steady cutting. Spring loaded pivot head so grinder comes back to standby position when not cutting. Integral quick action vice enables material to be clamped and cut at various angles.