Homdum 4.0 x 20 Aluminium Blind Rivet
Homdum 100 Pieces Metal POP Rivets
Homdum Aluminum Grip and Steel Mandrel
Homdum Aluminium Blind Rivet | Pack of 100 Pieces
Homdum Blind Rivets (4.0 x 20)
Homdum Metal POP Rivets for Riveting Gun
Homdum Aluminum Grip and Steel Mandrel

    Homdum Aluminium Blind Rivet - Metal POP Rivets for Riveting Gun/Riveter machine Pack of 100 Pieces. (4.0 x 20)

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    【MATERIAL】Aluminum Grip and Steel Mandrel. Acid and corrosion resistance. Surface is smooth, strong yet lightweight, easy to install, well match with the rivet gun.
    【SIZE】100pcs : 4.0 x 20
    【PRODUCT FEATURE】The blind rivets have a mandrel which permits the formation of an upset on the blind end of the rivet and expansion of the rivet shank during the setting to join the component parts of an assembly.
    【PACKING】100pcs  packed in a sturdy transparent plastic case, easy to store. Besides, the box can be used for a storage box.
    【WIDE APPLICATION】These rivets are perfect for joining all kinds of metal plate and pipe. Great for joining plastic and thick fabric. Used for DIY home uses, business, automotive, aviation, ductwork, elevator, instruments, furniture etc.

    Fastening: Sheet Metal, Plastic, Wood, & Fabric
    Material: Aluminium with a central steel mandrel.
    Ideal for joining thin metal or plastic sheets
    Careful design will produce good fastenings
    In plastic storage case
    Product Dimensions : 13 x 8 x 3.5 cm; 200 Grams

    Product description
    Size Name:4.0 x 20
    It can be used on a regular basis . It is easy to maintain .