Homdum 12” inch adjustable metal Wood
Homdum 12” inch adjustable metal Wood circle cutter
Homdum 12” inch adjustable metal Wood circle cutter drill bit hole saw Kit
Homdum 12” inch adjustable metal
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Homdum 12” inch adjustable metal Wood circle cutter drill bit hole saw Kit

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* Adjustable Hole Cutter With the adjustable design, the diameter of holes can be from 30mm to 300mm. The Standard Circle Cutter is flexible,and it can be controlled freely, so you can adjust the distance of blades to cut a hole as you want.

*Premium Quality The circle hole saw is made of high quality carbon steels&alloy, so it has a long service life. With fine workmanship, this round hole cutting tool has smooth rotation and sharp cutting.

*2 Pair of Blades with Different Specification There’re 2 pair blades(one pair as bonus) with different sizes, so that you can pick the pair you want in different situations. And these cutting blades can improve the working efficiency.

*Hex Key Wrench With the supplied hex key, you can easily set the size you need, and it’s easy to install and disassemble. This hex key wrench makes the blades flexible to be adjusted, but tight to be attached to the hole cutter.

*Wide Application Perfectly work with bench drill,drilling press and hand drill, suitable for woodworking, gypsum board, laminates, rubber, plastic, hardboard, plywood and other thin board.


Ideal Cutting Tool When Fitting Spotlights Can Be Used With Plywood, Laminates, Composite Board, Rubber, Alc, Gypsum Board, Plastic & A Wide Range Of Other Materials. The Cutter Comes With Two Changeable Centre Bits Which Means You Can Cut Thick or Thin Depths. 

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester