Homdum 3/4 inch Square hole drill bits
Homdum 3/4 inch Square hole drill bits
Homdum 3/4 inch Square hole drill bits
How to use Square Drill Bit Homdum

    Homdum 3/4 inch Square hole drill bits wood mortising chisel with Tenoning Attachment Jig for Woodworking Auger Tool Mortise drill bit drilling dia 20 mm with Square drill Mortise Chisel Sleeve Holder combo

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    DRILLING MACHINE ATTACHMENT The mortise accessory is a bench drill Attachment. This set of accessories can convert the drilling machine into a wood mortise machine.***MULTIFUNCTIONAL This multifunctional mortise and tenon machine attachment can not only cut wooden mortises such as circles, squares and special squares but also can be used for Rectangular grooves.***WIDE APPLICATION The Attachment is suitable for window sashes, cabinet furniture factories, model shops and other wood factories. It can cut round and square mortises to improve work efficiency.***COST-EFFECTIVE -These woodworking inlay chisels can reduce the labour intensity of construction workers, speed up construction, and reduce construction costs in the construction, installation, renovation, and decoration industries***APPLICABLE MACHINE -Bench top drilling machines The vertical distance between the bench drill chuck and the workbench is at least 300MM, otherwise it cannot be installed, Please pay attention to the size before buying to see if it fits your machine.-----################