Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor Easy Out INGCO
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Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor Easy Out INGCO Screw Remover Tools Kit for Stripped Screw and broken bolt Removers Set of 5 Pcs

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***************INGCO alloy steel tempered screw and bolt extractors are high quality tools that are forged to help any DIYer or professional engaged into their screw, bolts, fasteners and more removing or stripping tasks and get them done successfully without any damage.p Function:
Remove damaged stripped, rusted, broken, or stuck screws from any wood or metal surface with relative ease.
The damage bolts and screw removers works on wood and machine screws, as well as flat, hex, or painted over screws.
Material: Alloy Steel
Color: Silver and Black
Designed: Spiral with pointed tip
Package includes: #1 for 3-6mm , #2 for 6-8mm, #3 for 8-11mm, #4 for 11-14mm, #5 for 14-18mm
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester