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Rotary Burr Set 5 Piece
rotary burr set for metal
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Homdum Rotary Burr Set 5 Piece Set of Heavy Duty and Durable 1/4 Shank Rotary Rasp File Set - Wood Carving - Ball, Oval, Cylinder

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5-Piece Set Of Heavy Duty And Durable Rotary Burr Set That Includes 5 Popular Shapes: Ball, Oval, Cylinder, Large Tree, Small Tree. Fits All Drills. A Perfect Tool Addition To Help You Finish Your Job Clean, Fast And Easy!
This Will Be A Great Tool For Sculptors. This Is Commonly Used For Grinding, Polishing, Carving, And Furnishing Wood Surfaces. It Is Perfect For Low Hardness Of The Workpiece, Such As Soft Wood And Plastic. In A Great Part Of The Work, It Can Replace The Petiole Small Wheel, And No Dust Pollution.
Our Rotary Burr Set Is Made Up Of Premium Quality Materials Proven And Tested For Its Durability And Functionality. This Is Made Of Hardened And Tempered, High Carbon Steel Construction For Longer Life And Effective Cutting. Precision Machined Cutting Teeth. This Has 1/4"" Shanks To Fit All Electric And Cordless Drills. Get Your Job Done Easy And Fast!
Homdum Rotary Burr Set Has 1/4 Shanks That Fits All Drills. You Don’T Need To Worry If This Will Not Fit Your Drill. This Has A Universal Size. These Durable And Long Lasting Rotary Burr Set Will Give You Great Results Especially To Your Workpiece.
You Are Protected With Our 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee For Either A Replacement. We Care About Only Putting Out High Quality Products That Your Needs. If There Is Anything You Need That We Don’T Offer We Go And Find The Best For You.

Product description
5pc rotary burr set,use for grinding, polishing, shaping and burnishing wood.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester