Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor
Homdum Set Easy Out Screw Remover Kit
Homdum 4Pcs Stripped Screw broken bolt Removers
Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor application
Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor
Homdum Screw Remover Kit With High Speed Steel HSS Drill Bits
Homdum Screw Extractor
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Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor Set Easy Out Screw Remover Kit With High Speed Steel HSS Drill Bits Tools 4Pcs Stripped Screw broken bolt Removers.

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The 4-Pcs (#1, #2, #3, #4) extractor can be used with any drill and screw or bolt size. It is compatible with various types of screws.
The screw extractor is easy to extract the rusty, freely screw and screw. It applies to all woodworkers, craftsmen, home owners, mechanics, artists, etc.
The high quality extractor with durable hardened steel, it is ideal for undressing, broken, solid or damaged and remove screws.
With an essential tool kit box. The screw extractor is portable. It has it in your pocket or wherever you want.
Made from H.S.S 4341#, 62-63HRC hardness, stronger than normal steel hardness. Guarantees the high quality, high efficiency, durable and stable product for you.
Specifications for this item
Brand Name Homdum
Colour steel
Material High Speed Steel
Size Medium

Product description
If you are doing woodworking and sometimes have a problem with the broken bolt or screw, this set of extractor might be a lifesaver. They help to remove a damaged screws perfectly. Suitable for working with most drills, screws and bolts.
Package Included:
4 x Damaged Screws Extractor
1 x Black Plastic Tool Box
Material: High Speed Steel (HSS 4341)
Standard: 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#
Hardness: HRC62-63
Handle: Hexagon 1/4 '' handle (6.35 mm)
Package Size: 9x6.5x2 cm
Weight: 110g
Model / Remove Dia / length
# 1 / 3-5mm / 61mm
# 2 / 4-8mm / 61mm
# 3 / 5-10mm / 61mm
# 4 / 6-12mm / 61mm
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester