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Homdum Ingco Cordless 10mm MultiFunction Drill
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Homdum Self Drilling Screw

    Ingco 12V Cordless 10mm MultiFunction Drill with Multi Screw DIY Set, Drill Bit, Ph2 Bit

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    Homdum Multifunction cordless Drill : Impact Hammer Drilling Mode (rotation with hammering) drill holes in Brick wall, Drilling mode (rotation only) drill holes in Wood and Metal sheets, Screwdriving mode (rotation with clutch) a power tool designed to insert and remove screws.
    Torque adjustment: It comes with 18+1+1 torque adjustment stages. Max torque is 25NM, When driving screws in the harder the material the lower speed and more torque you're likely to need.
    Keyless drill chuck: It eliminate the need for a chuck key to open and close the jaws of the chuck. You simply hand tighten the chuck after inserting the drill bit or screw bit into the space between the three jaws. It also has Reverse Forward function : it has a reverse feature, it can screw or drill in both directions.
    Speed control: Two speed : speed change button for different using purpose The adjustable gearing provides versatility based on the task you will be performing. Setting low speed/high torque is best for driving screws. Setting top speed/torque can be used for drilling. Led light feature: to help work under dark and difficult places. Drill chuck capacity” 0.8 to 10 mm and also Battery power indicator : to set for recharge so you are never out of back up.
    Homdum Multi Screw DIY Set : Wood screws - For connecting wood to wood also to attach hinges, hardware, locks, and other non-wood objects to wood. Self-drill screws - To screw together pieces of metal or screw any other material to metal. A self-drilling screw has a chisel tip similar to a drill bit. This allows you to skip pre-drilling a hole into thinner gauges of sheet metal, Nylon plug screw - for fixings in brick wall and concrete also for fixing of doors and window frames.

    Brand Homdum
    Speed 1350 RPM
    Voltage 12 Volts
    Item Torque 25 Newton Millimeters
    Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion

    Product description
    Package include:
    1 Nos 12V cordless impact drill
    2 Nos lithium-Ion batteries,
    2 Nos Masonry Drill bit,
    1 Nos CR-V Screw bit,
    1 Nos 2hr charger,
    1 Nos Polyester Canvas Bag.
    Multi Screw DIY Set Contains:
    Wood Screw 25 mm - 50 nos
    Self Drilling Metal Screw 25 mm - 30 nos
    Wall Screw 40 mm - 20 nos
    Masonry Drill Bit 6 mm -
    1 nos Screwdriver Bit - 1 nos.