Homdum 4inch Aluminium Oxide flap discs
HOmdum Flap disc
Homdum Aluminium Oxide flap discs 4”
Homdum best Aluminium Oxide flap discs 4”
Homdum Aluminium Oxide flap discs 4” best for de-rusting
Homdum Flap disc best for de-rusting
Homdum oxide flap disc

    Homdum Aluminium Oxide flap discs 4” inch best for de-rusting metal and stainless steel pre-polishing, size 115 mm Black/Brown

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    Suitable for de-rusting, de-scaling, de-burring and cleaning welding seams
    Ideally Suitable for all metals, stainless steel, and wood.
    115mm x 22.2mm (4.5") Will fit all 115mm angle grinders.
    Preferably to be used after grinding phase for better results, should be followed by Homdum nylon fiber buffing wheels for better results.
    Specifications for this item
    Brand Name Homdum
    Colour Black/Brown
    Grit Material Aluminum Oxide
    Material Aluminum Oxide
    Model Number flapdisc
    Part Number feltpad4x12
    Size 4"

    Product description
    pack of 3 pcs Especially suitable for working in stainless steel, steel, cast iron and sheet steel.;Powerful thanks to zirconia/semi-friable aluminium oxide. Fully synthetic resin bonded, sturdy X-cloth.;Consistently high material removal rate and long lifetime.;Flap disc on carrier plate made of glass fibre.;Angled version - for working on edges/welded seams and surface sanding at a work angle of 15-25.