Homdum 7 inches  Wool Polishers

    Homdum 7 inches (185 mm) Wool Polishing Polishers Clean Buffing Pad Bonnet for Furniture/Car

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    * Wool ball can improve the efficiency and effect of polishing. Mainly used for all kinds of furniture, automobile manufacturing, automobile wheel hub, the final polishing procedures of copper, hardware, specialize in fine polishing surface and parts.
    * Use with polishing liquid, paste, powder, the polished surface can achieve a better polishing effect;
    * Advanced manufacturing technology, material selection, fine wool line texture is soft and elastic;
    * Good wool, elastic, pure natural material, environmental, not fur removal;Fit for the vast majority of pneumatic, electric grinding polishing machine in the market

    Wheel diameter: Approx in. 125mm /5.0 inch,outer 185mm\7.28inch
    Size: Approx. 240 x 45mm / 9.44 x 1.77 inch
    Color: Wool
    Package Includes: 1 x wool polishing pad
    Package Dimensions 35.56 x 35.56 x 7.62 cm; 900 Grams

    Product description
    Wool Polishing Polishers Clean Buffing Pad Bonnet for Furniture/Car. It's size is 240 x 45mm / 9.44 X 1.77 Inch.