Homdum steel 1/2 x 4 Inch center punch

    Homdum steel 1/2 x 4 Inch center punch Hexagonal spot Point punch with Hardened carbon steel tip For metal & tiles marking and nail setter for wood works(100mm)

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    GOOD QUALITY PRODUCT made from a high quality carbon steel and the point is hardened and tempered to withstand continuous use and has a Improve shaft for better grip***HELPS IN PRICICE DRILL The center punch is used to mark the center of the point and is typically used to mark the center of the hole when drilling.***NAIL SETTER Set the nail head under the wooden surface to obtain a smooth finished appearance, it is a great tool for embedding nails into wood veneers.***OTHER APPLICATIONS The punch is used to drive an object, such as a nail, or to form a sharp impression on the workpiece.***HARDENED STEEL POINT durable point constructed from hardened Carbon steel, Punch point accurately ground to an angle of 90 Degrees-----################