Homdum Welding Safety Helmet
Homdum Welding Safety Helmet
Homdum Welding Safety Helmet
Homdum Welding Safety Helmet
Homdum Welding Safety Helmet
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Homdum Welding Safety Helmet with Dark Flip Lens Hanbon Lightweight Protective Head Screen with White and Folding Black Glass Industrial quality Welding Shield.

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FOLD-ABLE FLIP TYPE - Dark welding glass to protect your eyes from the welding arc Switchable to a clear glass view provided when not welding***LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE - it is a light weighted product which makes it favorable for long working hours of job, very much required durability for rough working conditions.***COMFORTABLE HEADBAND - Adjustable headband provides a comfortable no-slip fit while leaving the users hands completely free for working.***BALANCED DESIGN WITH WIDE FRAME EDGES - to deflect particles and splashes, balances well in both up and down position, which provides a comfortable fit.***What You Get - 1 x Welding Helmet attached black glass and white glass, adjustable headband.***Description
Made of PVC material for high quality character. Anti-shake, unbreakable, heat-resistant and flame retardant. Not easily stick to welding slag or dust. Adjustable fillet fits to different head's sizes. Black eyeglasses. Head-mounted style for convenient welding work. Material: PVC Size: General Package Includes: 1 Piece Welding Helmet, Suitable for MIG, TIG & Arc (MMA/GMAW) electric welding. Wraparound head shield provides good face and front neck protection. Flip-up lens for improved vision, which is especially useful in restricted spaces.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester