Homdum Small Mini PVC Hacksaw Frame
Homdum 5 x 12 inch Saw Blades
Homdum Saw Blades 300 mm for Wood and Metal Cutting
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Homdum Small Mini PVC Hacksaw Frame Along with 5 x 12 inch Saw Blades 300 mm for Wood and Metal Cutting

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ROBUST AND DURABLE Homdum multifunctional hacksaw frame has high-quality PVC frame, which is sturdy and durable, which is very convenient for daily household use and professional use.
CONVENIENT APPLICATION Hacksaw frame adjustable even broken blades can be reused, Adjustable knob on top of handle allows user to easily tighten and de-tension the saw blade . The design for easy control of blades.
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLE The non-slip handle ensures safety, it is non-slip and wear-resistant can reduce hand’s fatigue and improve user’s work efficiency.
SCOPE OF APPLICATION Hacksaw set used in construction, home improvement, wood, handicraft processing and outdoor activities, and can also be used at home.
ADDITIONAL 5 BLADES INCLUDED you get 1 hacksaw frame and 5 Bi- metal Blades
Package Dimensions : 32.8 x 6 x 3 cm; 75 Grams
Product description
A lightweight, economical hacksaw with a strong frame and a comfortable and durable handle. In addition, the extra long location pin gives increased security of the tensioning bit. Comes with 5 PC bimetal HACKSAW blades.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester