Homdum 2000W Heat Gun Machine INGCO
Homdum Heat Gun Machine
Homdum Heat Gun Machine for Acrylic Bending, Shrink Wrapping Packing and Resin Art
Homdum 2000W Heat Gun Machine Accessories
Homdum 2000W Heat Gun Machine INGCO

    Homdum 2000W Heat Gun Machine INGCO Dual Speed Plastic Soldering hot air Blower for Acrylic Bending, Shrink Wrapping Packing and Resin Art.

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    2000W & 2 MODES 480°C/560°C Heat Gun, Fast Gathering Temperature. 2 Adjustable temperature : 480°C/560°C allows you to achieve more detailed operations at work.***4 NOZZLES & ATTACHMENTS Comes with Deflector nozzle, concentrator nozzle, Flat nozzle and a scraper attachment .***IDEAL TOOL FOR removing paint , resin artwork, mobile repairing, shrink wrapping, acrylic works, and small plastic soldering works.***ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED BUILT IN STAND Ergonomically designed non-slip handles, Heat gun can be placed upside down horizontally on the stand for cooling.***2M CABLE FOR EXTRA REACH Considering the practical using accessibility, we extend the cable to 2M which will make it more convenient during operation.***Heat Gun Nozzles Application
    Box contains
    1 pc Heat Gun
    3 pc Nozzles.
    1 pc Scraper
    Deflector nozzle
    Wider distribution of the hot air, for working on large surfaces-floors, doors , paint drying, paint stripping, car wrapping etc.
    Concentrator nozzles
    These concentrator nozzles for precise operations-concentrate the air onto a smaller surface area, such as wrap a gift basket, loosen the screws, sticker removal, repair the car bumpers etc.
    Scraper & putty knife
    The scraper and putty knife are mainly used for removing the paint.