Homdum 1.5LB sledge hammer
Homdum 1.5 Lb sledge hammer wigson Fiberglass handle size 650gms
Homdum 650Gms hammer
homdum Wigson 1.5lb hammer

    Homdum 1.5 Lb sledge hammer wigson Fiberglass handle size 650gms

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    *FORGED STEELHEAD The reinforced forged steel SledgeHammer head is an alloy of carbon and iron that is compressed under extreme pressure to make a very hard and strong substance - hardened and tempered for durability.

    *RUBBERIZED FIBERGLASS HANDLE fibreglass handles are lighter in weight and comparatively stronger than other materials, This is the main reason why they are more in demand, also the rubberized part gives a comfortable grip.

    *HANDLE DESIGN The fibreglass handle is designed with an oval shape so it can harness the downward force of a swing. Its swinging action is however comparable to the swinging action made while using an axe and is not like a hammer’s action.

    *HEAVY-DUTY USE While you do need to have some strength to use a sledgehammer with full force, it’s mainly the long swinging range and heavy head that increases the resulting force and impact.

    *VERETALITY AT WORK It can be used with chisels, punches, star drills, hardened nails and more. A great choice for personal or professional use, construction, repair etc. Ideal for light demolition, brickwork and domestic use


    This Homdum wigson sledgehammer is Manufactured from drop forged, heat-treated steel for better strength and durability. Mounted on a solid fibreglass core handle with a soft grip for added strength and comfort. Featuring milled convex striking faces with 45° chamfered edges to prevent chipping and damage to striking surfaces. Overstrike protection to reduce handle damage in the event of a misstrike.