Homdum 8
Homdum adjustable wrench 8 inch
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    Homdum 8" Adjustable Wrench

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    Adjustable Spanner is Heat Treated to make it sturdy and durable enough to let you perform tough fastening jobs.
    Adjustable Jaws are fully hardened and tempered.
    Used for holding on fastening nuts and bolts.
    Size: 8" - 200 mm having maximum jaw size / opening of 25 mm.
    Package Dimensions : 22.8 x 8.4 x 1.8 cm; 200 Grams
    Product description
    Size name:8 inches
    This Homdum adjustable wrench ensure that you can work on a variety of fasteners without requiring a large number of wrenches by including this adjustable spanner in your toolbox. An adjustable wrench has one fixed jaw and one adjustable jaw which allows you to use it on a wide variety of fastener sizes. The jaws are typically smooth and flat and designed for gripping square and hex nuts. The head of a crescent wrench is usually angled at 22 1/2 degrees to the handle so that the wrench can be flipped over to provide two different gripping positions in tight spaces. An Adjustable wrench is designed so that you can apply pressure on both the fixed and movable jaws, ideally the bulk of your work should be done so that pressure is only applied on the stronger, fixed jaw. Too much pressure on the weaker, adjustable jaw can cause the wrench to break and you to bark a knuckle. When placing the wrench on your nut, the adjustable jaw should be located on the side towards which the rotation is to be performed. This puts the pressure on the fixed jaw.