Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor Easy Out INGCO
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Homdum Damaged Screw Extractor Easy Out INGCO Screw Remover Tools Kit for Stripped Screw and broken bolt Removers Set of 5 Pcs

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*Powerful and Robust Function: Your screw removal tool is designed with deep spiral grooves that create a powerful grip to precisely retrieve broken screws. Think of a screw remover that works in seconds and requires less power than most
*Compatible with Your Drill Chuck: The screw extractor kit is compatible with multiple drill chuck systems. Suitable to remove any stripped and damaged screw heads sizing from 2-12 mm, with #0 to #4 size extracting bits
*Extra Strong, Reliable and Durable: The stripped screw extractor is manufactured from High Speed Steel (HSS) 4341 with a 62-65 HRC hardness, which effectively removes broken screws from any surface. Buy with trust and a 100 % return policy
*Portable, Handy and Suitable for Your Toolbox: The perfect extraction tool for screws comes with an easy to carry pocket-size case. Keep your extractor bits safe and protected in your toolbox
Easy to Use, Unscrew Like Never Before: Whether you're a pro or an aspiring DIYer, it's always exciting to learn and earn the new tool. 1) Drill a hole in the damaged screw head, 2) Flip the Bit, 3) Extract with slight pressure on the screw

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester